Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Chemo Brain in Action

Just thought I'd offer further proof that chemo brain is a real thing...and so much fun to deal with. Here are just a few examples from my daily journeys:

(1) At the new surgeon's office, filling out paperwork/forms (because you can obviously never do that enough), I was stumped by one of the questions.
Marital Status     S/M

I was supposed to circle an answer.

I am not kidding when I say that I had to skip the question on the first pass because I didn't even know what marital status was. The second pass didn't really clarify the question for me and I finally had to ask Keith for help. He had a great laugh over this. Good thing that he was there to help my brain along.

(2) Going through the drivethru with the teenage boy on the way to his soccer game. We had hoped to stop for breakfast sandwiches at Starbucks, but they were out, so we were forced through the Wendy's drivethru. I ordered his sandwich, gave the guy a $20, and drove off. While teenage boy is screaming, "What about your change????!" Had no idea what he was talking about or any memory of handing the guy a $20. (Luckily, there was no one behind us in line, so I could do a quick back-up in the lane and collect my $18.50).

(3) A co-worker asked me to order a book for her. She even wrote down the title and gave me her school credit card number. It is on a giant sheet of paper stuck to my desk...I've looked at it every day I've been at work for the past 2 weeks. Yesterday she asked me when I thought the book would arrive. Hmmm....that would require me to have ordered it, right? Whoops!

These are just small samplings of what it's like to be me on a regular basis. This does not include all the sentences I speak where I mix up the words (though this is fun to watch the kids' brains spinning trying to translate what I meant to say without asking me to repeat it). Or the times that I forget the kids' names. Or that I've had my son's paycheck from reffing soccer in my purse for 4 weeks now because I forgot to go to the bank (even though there is a sticky note stuck to the dash for all those weeks that says, "BANK!").

Chemo brain ROCKS...

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