Monday, October 14, 2013

A New Doctor and a New Plan

Because you can never have enough doctors on your team...or doctor visits on your schedule...I now have a new one: a surgeon specializing in gynecology. Yippee.

You see, the estrogen in my body is what is trying to kill me as it's giving the cancer something to feed on. I've been on a daily dose of Tamoxifen (anti-estrogen therapy) since August, but the oncologist has felt all along that it would be benefial to my long-term prognosis if I would consider having my ovaries and other parts removed. Initially, we agreed to discuss this issue further after radiation.

Well, guess what? Radiation has come and (thankfully) gone, so let's discuss it. To be honest, there's really not that much discussion that took place.
Me: "So, I need to have them out? Can I have it done before my calendar year out-of-pocket maximum expires? Yes? SOLD!" Don't need them, don't want them.

Yep, that was the end of that appointment. Didn't research the pros and cons, didn't look anything up on the Internet, nothing. Because frankly, I'm just exhausted, and maybe don't care as much as I should. I'm an expert patient now, so bring on every medical procedure that you can think of. Really. Bring. It. On.

I left with an appointment to meet with this new surgeon and off I went.

And I think that the appointment with this doctor took a grand total of 15 minutes.
Me: "So, what's involved? How soon can we do it?"
Dr: "Blah, blah, blah, robots...blah, blah, blah hospital. I've got an opening in November."

DONE and DONE! Another surgery on the books for the beginning of November. The pre-op appointment is this Friday (no, I have no idea why the pre-op appointment is so FAR in advance of the surgery, but that's not my job), so I'll hopefully have more details about what this entails.

Right now the biggest decision that I have to consider is how long I'm going to be out of work this time? Hussle back and salvage sick time for the spring? Or burn all the time and come back in the New Year refreshed, rested, and maybe healthy? Hmmmm...

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