Wednesday, April 24, 2013

In Which I am THANKFUL!

It is now time to interrupt this blog to say a big THANK YOU to all of you that have organized and contributed to the various fundraisers.

It is amazing to see everyone come together to support us through this difficult time and want to help out. Goodness knows that we can sure use's the medical bills that are actually going to be the death of me, I know it. Note to self: never get sick in October again. You get to pay for two calendar year's insurance deductibles. Double the bills. So fun.

Many people donated anonymously, which I respect, but it's kind of annoying because I can't thank you in person! And there were so many people that contributed, that I really can't write personal thank you notes anytime soon, so this will serve as your THANK YOU!!

Some highlights:
My dad's business clients/friends who wanted to give him a gift for Christmas, and the best gift they could think of was pooling their donations to support me.

The friend/fellow teacher who started the online fundraiser so it could reach people far and wide.

The former student who organized a benefit concert evening.

The current and former students who donated their own money to the cause.

Our "soccer family" who are always there for us.

And the list goes on and on and on. Friends, family, neighbors, students, school families, community members, and people I don't even know...

Seriously, you need to know how grateful I am! I could never express my gratitude enough. It truly means the world to me and my family. It may seem like a small gesture to you, but it has allowed us to breathe a little easier without having to worry about how we are going to pay ALL THESE BILLS that have accumulated these last six+ months. This entire journey and everything it entails is so stressful, but this has alleviated one component of it. Love to everyone! And if the daughter could bake you all cupcakes, she would.

It was so amazing to get the check from the online fundraiser in the mail a few days ago. Now to tackle the ten foot tall pile of bills that I've been shoving in a box unopened. And here's hoping there won't be any major monetary surprises in the months to come. Fingers crossed!

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