Tuesday, October 1, 2013

And So The Follow-up Appointments Begin...

First in a long line of follow-up appointments began today with a mammogram. Because, get this, I'm "past due for one." And they're "concerned." 

So, I actually tried not to laugh at the poor nurse assigned to tell me this. Because, I have to say, that I kind of think with all I've been through, I should get a pass on the mammogram for awhile. Or at least, get a pass on being berated for not scheduling the appointment.

To be fair, they did clarify that they only wanted to do a mammogram on the right breast (non-cancerous side), so I did see their point. Sort of. Really wasn't worth the effort to explain the joke. And this is definitely not the hill I am going to die on, so I'll save the energy for another battle.

And honestly I'm well past the point of caring about medical procedures, so why not have another one? Yippee!

It was quick and not-so-painless. Bonus points to me today however because I did NOT pass out (like I did last time). Long wait while the doctor looked at the images. I brought a book to keep me occupied (this is not my first rodeo). I will admit that there was this gnawing in the back of my head about what they might find, and I would not have been surprised to be told there was something. Because I'm just that lucky. 

But, miracle of miracles, they deemed the results "benign" or "clear" or whatever term you prefer. And they sent me on my way with a letter saying as much. (Of course, as I told Keith, I never really believe these machines any more since I've had more than one in the last year not actually give accurate results, but it's the best I'm going to get). 

In the next 30 or so days I have no fewer than 10-12 appointments/scans. Next up is a meet and greet with a new surgeon. Scans regarding parts with cancer to come soon...it takes time for radiation to dissipate and make the scan worthwhile. Fun times ahead! Stay tuned!

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