Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Radiation Retrospective

Thought I would do a photo-timeline of my radiation burn from start to finish.

The initial markings and tattoos to determine the area that would be radiated for the first 28 days.

28 days in, you can't see much in this picture as the "damage" is mostly in my armpit and other parts not shown in the photograph. However, the last 10 days of radiation were a concentrated gamma type that required a different treatment area. The purple sharpie is marking this new area. Note to self, should there be a next time, just leave the sharpie on. Scrubbing it off was a BAD idea. Monumentally Bad.

On day 35 of radiation? Almost the end, not quite sure anymore which actual day I took the picture (and too lazy to look through my Facebook page for verification). Looks like I've been ironing myself. And that's what it felt like also.

After the 38 days of radiation were over, the burn got progressively worse for the next month. This was one week post-radiation.

This was 2 weeks post-radiation. was really getting disgusting by this point. Oh, and have I mentioned how much this actually hurt? Yeah, there was PAIN. Kinda like you'd expect if you did take an iron to your skin. Only you have to imagine that through all the layers of skin. 

This was after we returned from Vegas, and after I went back to work, so sometime at the beginning of October, making this about 3 weeks post-radiation.

Haven't taken any pictures since, which is pretty funny. It's almost back to normal except for the fact that if you know to look for it, the entire area initially marked (see the first picture's sharpie markings) is a different color than the rest of my skin. Kind of a tan/dirt colored rectangle all around the left side of my chest, from sternum to armpit. Awesome.

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