Saturday, April 20, 2013

Did She Just Call Me Old?

This past week during chemo, I was talking with the doctor about all the symptoms that I'm feeling. Or rather, not feeling since everything is going numb little by little. 

I started by talking about how I can't feel my hands, or feet, parts of my legs, sometimes my face...boy, neuropathy sure is fun. Then I was mentioning how I had been in excruciating pain before the trip. Probably an 8 out of 10 on their smiley-to-frowny face pain scale (which is pretty funny, actually. At some point I'll have to get a picture of it so I can post it here). My shoulder had been hurting so bad, I was considering stopping the chemo if it got any worse. 

Well, now my shoulder is just numb. I can't feel anything...pressure...temperature...not a thing. Super. So, the pain is gone for now, but the neuropathy is getting worse. Ugh.

And while I'm complaining, the doctor asks, "Is it possible that you're just old and that's why you're feeling this pain?" Did she just call me old? Did I just pay for that? As Keith pointed out, the teenage boy can tell me that for free...and does ALL THE TIME. Well, that sure got the doc laughing (which is now our goal each week). 

All this time you've been telling me I'm "so young and in good health" and now I'm old?! And if I am, it's only because chemo has aged me a thousand years during this process! 

Thank God there's only two more weeks of this to go. While the doc does think that the symptoms will just get worse over the next few weeks, and reminded me that neuropathy takes a LONG time to go away after chemo is done (and sometimes it never does), she did remind me that we are so close to the end/goal, that it would be a shame to stop now. So, persevere I will.

But I'm not sure that I'll stop complaining...

And I guess it's time to start getting religion with the glutamine (which is HORRIBLE, by the way. Makes every drink taste and feel like chalk).

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