Thursday, April 18, 2013

Airplane Travel

If you're keeping up to date here, you will know that we recently went to Vegas for spring break. It was SO NICE to get away...and SO HARD to come home. I will be attempting to catch up with all the posts I've been making notes about in the next few weeks.

First, I want to mention how scary it is to travel while going through chemo, especially on an airplane. Here's what I looked like traveling:

Awesome, right?! And if you think that this garnered me any special privileges, you would be wrong. (Well, to be honest, I didn't ask for any). I dare you to travel through TSA security looking like this. It's fun, I promise! 

I was able to board early as a "person needing extra assistance," though I'm not sure this was the best strategy as you end up sitting on the plague-filled flying tube of death longer than anyone else, soaking up all those germs. The highlight? The toddler that SNEEZED ON ME while walking by. Literally. My jeans were soaked with his germs. EWWWW!

But the mask did save me from catching the plague. Other people got sick from the plane, but not me. I am considering wearing this anytime that I fly. When you see those people wearing them in the airport, you should probably not think they're as crazy as they look. Who knew that they were really pretty smart?!

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