Saturday, October 6, 2012

Waiting for Results Again

October 6, 2012:

Saturday morning and I'm still in pain. I did make it out and about yesterday to take my son to get a haircut and grab a drink with a friend. I was still all bandaged up though and today is the day when I'm gonna peel off the giant bandages (stuck on with what feels like duct tape!). This will leave the steri-strips only.

Everything still hurts though, especially lifting and moving my left arm (the side where the two lumps were). Keith reminds me that the surgeon said this would be the case because of how much digging she had to do around the muscle to remove the lumps. Really, and when was this conversation? In the recovery room when I'm still hopped up on drugs? Sure, I remember that...

A weekend full of soccer games ahead of me, and I never thought I'd say it, but I'm grateful that my son can drive (well, with his permit, but still). 

What I forgot to mention the other day was that Thursday when I came home from surgery was the first time my kids knew anything about what was going on. Pretty hard to hide anything at that point. We told them that I had lumps, and that they were taken out, and that everything should be good now. Perhaps this was not the best strategy, but it was the sense we got based on initial feedback.

Back to work on Monday. Ugh! I hope my left side feels better soon!

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