Sunday, October 21, 2012

Some Humor to Get Me Through...

There are some humorous moments throughout this last week that I'm trying to hold onto. I need all the smiles I can get. 

One is that I've never been called "young" so many times in the course of a week...I'll take it where I can get it! 

Two, my surgeon said I could go to Vegas for Thanksgiving, but I should not plan the Hawaii trip for Christmas. Oh sweetie, you just don't know who you're dealing with. Keith laughed out loud when she said this. 

And last, when filling out the NUMEROUS medical history forms (seriously, can't these people just make photocopies???), one of them asked for history of cancer in the family: mom, dad, siblings, spouse. Call me crazy, but does it really matter to my medical history if my spouse has had cancer? Thought I had a pretty good grasp on genetics, but maybe not...


  1. Andrea Fountain PomerinkeOctober 23, 2012 at 10:20 AM

    So I just joined your blog so I can follow you closely and it stated "Congratulations you are now following my angry cancer" and what I said out loud "oh...I'll follow your angry cancer and punch it in the face." Loves and hugs

  2. Ok, I am caught up now. Crap. Just, crap.

    That said, I am like you, I prefer to have all the info and come out swinging. Delays in cancer drive me nuts! You want to just hit it hard and fast! But your body is about to be systematically poisoned, and you need to be rested up for it. Be informed about what to expect, because it sucks. (Including the tamoxifen). But forewarned is forearmed.

    One piece of advice from my friend who went through it while she had teens: make sure someone (your parents, close friends) is keeping in close contact with them throughout. You and your husband will be too overwhelmed to be an adequate support on your own. Months after her treatment, my friend learned her son had tried drugs, daughter was sleeping with
    loser, and another was flunking out. She

    had been oblivious, because she was busy surviving. (Her husband is not that supportive, mind you. Would have helped if he were...)

    I am praying for you! Fight hard, my dear! We live in an age of miracles!