Friday, October 19, 2012

How I'm Feeling

It's been two weeks since my initial surgery, and about 10 days since the diagnosis. Here's how I've been feeling...

Left side is still painful. I removed the steri-strips from the right side incision at the one week mark. All is well there! I took the left side strips off in the shower the other day and nearly passed out. I think this is probably due to the fact that I had been in the very warm shower WAY too long, and they were SO stuck on, that it felt like I was pulling the incision open again. I now have a band-aid covering it, because I'm not sure that it's healing correctly. It sure doesn't look like the right side anyway. But in the grand scheme of things, she's going to open me back up again, so does it really matter? 

The giant bruise is fading at this point, as is the giant lump that was surrounding the left-side incision.

Range of motion on my left arm still isn't good. Wearing the seat belt when I'm driving hurts because it hits the incision. There is a 2 inch section near the scar where I have no feeling at all. I'm thinking that she hit a nerve or two...hopefully this will slowly come back. 

I have pain in my shoulder, back, arm pit, and down my left arm. Not sure if this is related to not being able to move my arm correctly which is causing other problems, but I sure could use a massage! Since I can't lay face down though, this is not a possibility.

I only get a few hours of sleep each night, mainly because I just can't fall asleep. I am so tired when I come home each day from school that I take a nap. Which is probably perpetuating the problem, but just can't be helped. And if I could just convince my daughter not to wake her sleeping mother, life would be lovely. I never woke her when she was a sleeping baby, why can't she return the favor?

The sick feeling in the pit of my stomach has never really gone away. I haven't been eating all that much because nothing even sounds good. I think that I've lost 5 pounds because all of my jeans fit perfectly. Maybe there is an pigging out on Halloween candy this season.

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