Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Telling the World

October 23, 2012:

Well, we told the kids on Sunday, and my parents last night, so now it's time to tell everyone else. How does one do that without (1) telling the entire story 372 times, and (2) everyone finding out the news from their own kids, who heard it from my kids, before I have a chance to tell them? In a move that can only be described as one that makes me the tackiest friend EVER, I decide to blanket the world of Facebook with my news. I prefer to call it efficient. Sure, that sounds good, and makes me feel much less crappy.

It actually goes well, and I've directed everyone to this blog, conveniently ready to go so that it would answer people's questions for me.

Here's what I discovered: 
(1) People are on Facebook ALL THE TIME, at all hours of the day and night, and obviously at work. I received immediate comments, as well as comments WELL into the night (after even I went to bed).

(2) People think I'm a tough, crazy, kick-your-ass, strong person with a wicked sense of humor. Okay, I'll take that! I think many of these people are too, which is why we're friends :) 

(3) I have AMAZING friends and family! The support, prayers, wishes, and words of wisdom were reassuring and much needed. Just further proof of what I already knew...I love all these amazing people in my life. Thank you!

What I also want noted is that some people still find out in rather crappy ways, and it clearly cannot be helped. One of my friends who works at the neighboring middle school found out from one of the district mucky-mucks, over the phone, before I had a chance to tell him in person. I'm not even sure that was legal, but certainly wins the tacky award! And my poor husband had been trying to call his brother (and family) for at least a week, but they had been playing phone tag. It's not really the kind of news you want to leave on voicemail. Well, my niece saw the post on FB and texted her dad the news. Oh well, we tried. (Keep in mind, my own brother still doesn't know. He only texts, I won't send that info via text message, and he lives in LA. Probably won't see him until Thanksgiving...Happy Thanksgiving! Good times!)

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