Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Good Times!

October 30, 2012:

It was a pretty fun weekend, all things considered. Drinks, breakfast and dinner out, soccer games, seeing lots of friends...I'm not sure that I had this much fun in a weekend, even before I had kids. (Of course, I'm kind of a lame homebody at heart, so this isn't really surprising).

Cards, notes, texts, and Facebook posts from everyone are coming in. I got a card from my grandpa and it made me cry. Yep, that was pretty much the end of my keeping it together. I have received thoughtful notes and funny notes, and care packages that range from pretty to fun to tasty.

Finished everything I could think of at work today, though I'm sure I will remember something super important (ha!) at 3am. It's been a day of people asking "when is your surgery?" And wouldn't that be a terrific question to know the answer to? Apparently they don't call you until the day before the surgery to let you know the time to report. Super helpful policy for those of us with kids...not!

But the call finally came and I have to be there at 7am tomorrow. Hello? Not a morning person. We couldn't have chosen a more sleep-friendly check-in time? Whatever. At least that means I should be home earlier in the afternoon and not stuck in the hospital when the Halloween crazies start to roll in.

Off to take my daughter to the neighbors' who have generously (crazily) volunteered to keep her for the next couple of days, it being Halloween and all tomorrow. Wait until they discover that she's showing up with baked goods at 8:00pm. They might not love me as much.

And then I'll be contemplating whether wearing a costume to the surgery is bad form or not. Zombie makeup? Fake blood? Perhaps they won't appreciate the humor...

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