Thursday, August 22, 2013

Here's What's Up

Tired of saying "radiation, radiation, radiation" and repeating on an endless loop, I thought that I would just jot down some notes about what it's been like to be me the past few weeks.

(1) I need MUSIC MONDAY suggestions ASAP! Comment here...early and often...please!

(2) We did the biggest back-to-school power-shop EVER over the weekend. Because I cannot be far away from my favorite radiation machine Monday through Friday, we had to cancel the annual Oregon coast/beach camping/shopping extravaganza. Instead, it became a blitzkrieg event, where we powered through every store possible in the shortest amount of time, barely stopping to eat. While it was exhausting (no, I'm never going to do this again), it was actually really fun. At dinner on Saturday night (at like 9:30pm because we just couldn't stop shopping) the four of us LAUGHED. A LOT. AT EVERYTHING. And I don't even remember most of what was so funny (except I remember some of it had to do with the fact that I'm not sure English is my children's first language. Did teenage boy really ask, what's a verb?). But it just felt good to laugh.

(3) I went in to work on Monday (because I'm dumb...I know). It was just for a couple of hours, and I didn't really do anything but stare and feel overwhelmed by the amount of work to be done before the start of school (somehow my library became a dumping ground over the summer). And how was I rewarded for this? By getting sick. So. Very. Sick. Damn middle school germs that obviously linger FOREVER. I feel like complete crap now. I get it...compromised immunity + school germs = sick. (Of course, I went up there again today. I figured, what the heck, I'm already sick. I know. I told you I was dumb). 

(4) Before I got sick and wanted to kill people because of this awesome sore throat and headache, I was starting to feel fatigued from radiation. I had a good 3 hour nap last Friday. And another one a few days before that. I haven't read a book in 4 days because I can't stay awake.

(5) I hate my hair. Everyone loves it, and I'm not saying that it's horrible. But the color is all wrong and the curls are driving me to drink. When I look in the mirror I do not see myself. I have decided to keep it short for awhile. And wear the Katy Perry wig for school pictures for the rest of my life.

(6) Chemo is the gift that just keeps giving. I am starting to make plans for the fall and eventually returning to work. Every day I think about what I can no longer do and how it will impact me going back to work. I've decided to make this a post all on it's own...stay tuned.

(7) Before I caught the plague, I was able to get out and exercise a little bit. I was doing pretty good and trying to get out every day. Until about a week ago. And then I got tired. And then I got sick. Hoping to pick it back up again by the weekend. However, last 10 pounds still not coming off and the clothes still don't fit. Super frustrating.

(8) Really missed not going ANYWHERE this summer. Radiation puts a crimp in your social calendar, that's for sure. I feel like I deserve a vacation when this is all done!

(9) To end on a positive note, my former student Nolan has reached his fundraising goal and will now be able to walk on the 3Day (here in Seattle in September...just a few weeks from now). His mom Deb, and another friend Julia also reached their goals, so I'm hoping to be able to get out and cheer them on. Who's with me?? Thanks to EVERY ONE OF YOU that donated to Nolan (or anyone else that is participating in the walk). It is terrific to see so many of my friends on his "supporters" roll call! And thanks to all of you that are supporting anyone participating in events that raise money for cancer causes...Obliteride, Relay for Life, etc. And those of you walking/running/riding for a cure. (Check out one of my students who walked this spring in a Relay for Life event...go Abbey!) 

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