Monday, December 10, 2012

More Results

We've been waiting for the pathology report from the surgery on 11/30. Fingers and toes have been crossed for "clear margins." (A specific margin around the incision is clear of cancer). So far, we have not been lucky with these results...not even remotely. Each time we get the news, it's been more and more grim, with angry cancer growing like a weed.

I took a shot that this 3rd surgery would do the trick. Threes a charm and all, right? Since they were operating on me to put in the port for chemo, I figured it was worth the gamble. And the reason that it was a gamble? They only do this surgery three times. If they still find cancer, I'm pretty much out of options: mastectomy it is.

When the results finally come in, much later than usual, the myth that no news is good news is blown. Cancer is still there and still growing. Both the invasive and non-invasive ones that I have. She calls me an overachiever. I ask how much/what size, but the surgeon says it's not important. Since I really can't get worse than Stage 3 until it hits major organs, it doesn't even matter anymore.

Except that now its really pissing me off and will start getting its ass kicked on Thursday when I start chemo! By the end of the phone call, the surgeon and I are actually laughing about this. :) So, I am grateful for doctors with my same sense of humor!

Now, if I could just stop getting these phone calls while I'm at school...

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