Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Different Truck

I think the truck this time only ran over me once.

Don't get me wrong, I still hurt. In fact, I have spent the weekend in the dark because my head hurts so bad. Just when I thought I'd have all this time to read...ha! Everything is blurry. And my head is throbbing and tingly all over (which I actually think means that my hair will be falling out soon...grrrr).

But I do feel slightly better than last time, and as much as it doesn't make sense to me, I'm going to credit the Claritin. It's the only thing that I've done differently, and it seems to have made the collision with the truck easier to manage. And I'm wondering if I can take more than the recommended dosage because it would be nice to feel even that much better!

Any other differences this time? Smells didn't bother me as much, but only certain foods sounded good. I didn't touch a Saltine this time because the thought of them made me gag. As pathetic as it is, boring canned chicken noodle soup was really where it's at. We tried two other fancy deli/store versions and they were just "spicy" enough that I couldn't stand the taste. Apparently, my taste buds are under attack. Foods that I normally like, I don't. Foods that used to sound good, don't. We bought CASES of flavored fizzy water from Costco right before chemo started because I figured these would be a good substitute for the soda I've been known to mainline. I really like all the flavors...or at least I did. They're still sitting in the fridge because now they taste like Alka-Seltzer to me. 

Back to sitting in the dark...the computer is just bright enough to hurt my head...


  1. So did you start taking the Claritin a day or two before the shot. I've heard that helps-don't know why.
    Not sure why Claritin works anyway, but great that there's an OTC that can help :)

    1. I didn't actually take it until the same day as the shot because we didn't have any at home like I thought we did. Had to make a trip to the store :)