Friday, December 14, 2012

Before It All Goes To Hell...

...Here's how I feel so far.

Last night, I was FINALLY home around 5pm. A little tired, but not too bad. I did have a sinus headache (a side effect of "C" which only few people get...yeah me!). A friend and her kids stop by to snap a quick picture for the 3 Day Walk fundraiser page (will post link when they update it). Another friend brings me much needed soup. And another friend brings some yummy dinner/dessert for the family.

Keith is coaching basketball, then reffing a soccer game. Alex is asleep with a headache. AJ is at the neighbors playing with their kitties. If she smuggles one home, both her and the neighbor will be dead :)

Around 7pm, I start to feel a little nausea. This is completely expected and can be warded off with food and fluids. In the event of that not working, I've got meds to spare!

Have to admit that by 8pm, I've broken into the meds and not feeling great. Not bad, just not chipper and awake. Keith has to raid the neighbors for Saltines (how can we NOT have ANY in this house???). I eat these most of the night. The one pill I took at 8 was supposed to make me drowsy also, but has not. So then I had to hold out until midnight when I could take another one. 

This morning, I had to go get a shot of Neulasta (sp?) which will attempt to offset the complete decimation of my white blood cell count. When I get up, I am dizzy, and a little blurry-eyed. But the sinus headache is gone, and not so nauseous. I know that I will have to tell them this at the doctor visit, and this means they will hijack me and fill me with fluids. But better safe than sorry.

Blood pressure this morning continues to 128/90-something. Hmmmm. Standing BP is 113/80. Hmmmm. Doc says I can opt for fluids now, or promise to go home and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. And if still feeling bad, to come in over the weekend. Will do! Let me go home!

Hit Costco on the way home (wearing my cool surgical mask) to stock up on vitamins, sparkling waters, and a fancy new thermometer. Somehow FORGOT the Saltines! And Costco doesn't carry vats of hand sanitizer? How is that possible?

And now I'm home, eating soup and crackers, and LOTS OF FLUIDS, honest :)

By the way, my chart was disappointingly not bedazzled, but WAS right where it should have been.

Happy thoughts for the weekend...tonight, tomorrow, or Sunday is when it is supposed to all go to hell. Hoping for the best, but prepared to deal with what comes.

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