Friday, December 28, 2012

Chemo, Round 2

Round 2 looked suspiciously like round 1, so I won't bore you with the details. The biggest question? Did they lose my chart this time? Answer, nope! But they did apologize over and over for it, so at least they still feel slightly bad. However, the process did seem to take just as long from start to finish as last time without losing my chart, so it appears that even though they say it's about 2 1/2 hours, it's really going to be more like 4 1/2 to 5 hours each time. Good thing I always bring back up books!

I didn't need the noise-canceling headphones this time because crazy conspiracy theory couple weren't there. Actually, there weren't too many people there this time so it seemed a lot more peaceful. (Okay, there was this couple next to me...she was pregnant with twins, due next week, and getting chemo? I really want to know that story, because suddenly I don't feel quite so glum about me).

My favorite pharmacist gal brought an intern by to say hi. He's a student at WSU and looking into pharmacy or medicine as a career path. Oh, and I think he was 12. Or else, I'm old...but I really refuse to believe that, so I'm going with that he must be a Doogie Howser genius. I also gave pharmacy gal crap for not warning me that my teeth hurting would be a side effect. She warns me about red pee, but can't mention tooth pain? Turns out, she'd never heard of it. Again, I am clearly a pretty cool case study. (She did go back to her office and look it up, and could only find a random mention of it by someone in Jerusalem, so I guess there's two of us).

Felt a little queasy Thursday night, which should NOT have been the case, so I was worried. Headed it off at the pass with some great meds though. Whew! My insurance company's money is well-spent on these meds. Of course, that seems to be the only thing they are paying for, but that's a post for another day.

Friday morning was shot (Neulasta) morning. Easiest part of the process, but also been known to cause the most pain. Bone pain hurts. Don't get me wrong, I'm super excited my bone marrow is trying to pump out white blood cells, but does it have to hurt? Chemo doc says to try Claritin, since people have mentioned that it works. Well, it either works for you or it doesn't, but I guess it can't hurt to try. So I have...just swallowed the pill. Will let you know how I feel in the morning. But the scientist in me still wonders, how did this remedy come to be? Who decided to try this? Seems odd.

AJ came with me this morning because she wanted to see this happening place where mom has been spending so much time. She got the tour, met the people, and I hope got a sense of what it looks like. She was pretty impressed by the fridge stocked with water, juices, and snacks.

Had a great friend come by the house and overhaul/organize my daughter's craft (crap) room today. Bonus points to her for having to do this with AJ "helping." SO appreciate this gift of her time because it was something that needed to be done, but I just didn't have the energy for. And it looks amazing.

Then grandma came and kidnapped the girl child so that she will be gone for the weekend when I'll feel the worst. Yeah! I might just get an uninterrupted nap!

And I have to say that tonight, I'm feeling pretty good. Better than last time. And I'm scared to say that out loud because I'm sure that it's jinxing me for the weekend, so KNOCKING ON WOOD! But, if you don't hear from me until Monday or Tuesday, it's because I got hit by a truck...again...

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