Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Five

Wow, these Fridays just keep getting closer and closer together. Didn't I just write a Friday Five last week??

So here's my life in a nutshell this week.

1) Monday started with a special "just because/Pay It Forward" treat from a friend: my favorite cupcake AND a book! She wanted to make sure my week started off on a good note. YEAH! Just what I needed (and don't tell anyone, but I ate that cupcake for breakfast...because, why not?!). And I was so excited for the book she picked. Not because I hadn't read it (I actually's one of my favorites that I'm ALWAYS book talking to students), but because I LOVE the book so much and it made my heart happy to see someone else recommending it. It's a quiet little gem of a book that I really think everyone should read. And I was given permission to pass it along, so I promise you will see it out in the world soon. Just deciding who gets it first. (FYI, if you'd like in on the Pay it Forward challenge, there's still time! Comment here, email me, message me on Facebook. I'm taking any and all who want to pay kindness forward...doesn't matter where you live. And it's not about wanting a small something from me. It's about wanting to pay the kindness forward to others and keep the magic going!)

2) Was so grateful for a 3-day work week this week. This working thing is kicking my ass. Four hour naps every other day just are not a functional way to live. Then you tack on the fact that the insomnia keeps me up until 3am every night (I'm sure the four hour naps contribute to that as well), and I am just ALWAYS TIRED. ALWAYS! Spent Thursday and Friday SITTING ON MY ASS. Watching Olympics, reading books, and playing a crazy game that the daughter got me addicted to. Need all these mindless activities to distract me from what I should really be doing (cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning). 

3) I hate PTSD. And menopause. And the fact that I have both. I will spare you the gory details for now, but when I actually kill people or run over small children or start beating the dog, I don't want anyone to be surprised. Cancer...the gift that just keeps giving...

4) Celebrated a friend's 50th birthday this week. A casual event, but so fun. And reminds me that birthdays (and anniversaries, and major life events) are meant to be celebrated! And enjoyed! And spent with those you love! Don't forget this people! EVER! I was actually thinking what an awesome birthday party I was going to throw for myself this year...and then I realized that I was going to be in Vegas for my birthday (because of a library conference). So, I'll definitely be celebrating. But might have to do something before the actual date with all of you...hmmm...

5) I was asked about how my world view has changed since cancer/treatments this week, and I've been trying to construct a coherent answer ever since. It is really something to think about because there are SO MANY THINGS that I just don't give a crap about anymore because these things are not really important. And it's very hard to explain to anyone that has not gone through this type of experience. And I read several books this week (unintentionally) where the main character has cancer and it brought all these emotions back to the forefront (well, that's a lie...those emotions are always there). So, I'm not really answering the question here, but I think that I will do a separate post on the topic soon. I'm still pondering how best to phrase it...

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