Friday, November 30, 2012


In anticipation of being bald, I decided to cut my hair short now, so  that when it starts to fall out, it won't feel that painful. 

Let's be honest, I have never had "good" hair, or at least hair that I want. I've got super thin hair, making long flowing locks nearly impossible because it starts to break once it gets past my shoulders. VERY GRAY, for a very long time now, making it so I had to start coloring it. And it went curly on me sometime between the births of my two children. I'm pretty sure that is punishment for all those bad 80's perms I had done to try and make my wispy thin hair look like it had some "body." Ugh!

Really and truly, there are few things that I actually would like to change about myself. A beautiful singing voice and great hair are about it. I would honestly kill for Kate Beckinsale hair. Well, be careful what you wish for I guess. 

Here's my opportunity to have whatever hair I want, albeit via a wig. However, I've decided that if I'm going to wear a wig, it's going to look like a wig. I've already purchased a Katy Perry BLUE one, and am on the lookout for green, purple, and black ones. (Not crappy costume wigs mind you, I'm out for ones that will last). And I REALLY want hair like Merida from "Brave." The teenager and the husband are appalled that I'm not going to have "normal" hair, but I really want to have fun with this. (Pictures of blue wig will appear soon...stay tuned).

My fear now is that since my hair changed dramatically after giving birth, it is going to grow in completely different after chemo. Please God, just don't let it come back all gray and frizzy...


  1. Like the new cut! Can't wait to see the blue hair pic, or whichever other color one you choose to post...hopefully all of them! :-) Hope all went well with Friday's surgery and port 'install.'

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