Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Schedule...Finally!

And more not good news.

Clearly not wanting to break the trend of getting bad news with every doctor's visit, we have kept our string in tact with the latest visit.

Bad news: Angry cancer has moved itself to Stage 3 now. Moving from Stage 1 to Stage 3 in less than two months...yeah me! There is some sort of internal mammary lymph node that is inflamed...enlarged...something very bad. Is it bad that I sort of tune out these doctor's visits when we get to this information? I always think that I'm going to come home and Google the words to find out more details. Problem this time is I can't find the answers that I want to know. Obviously need to start paying attention and thinking faster on my feet with these questions! I've got all these great questions now, which I'll have to save for the next appointment.

Good news: Can there really be good news? Well, I do have a treatment schedule now, so that's actually a positive for someone like me that just wants to put all the details in my iPhone calendar. Tell me when and where and I'll be there! My third, and final, surgery is this Friday. (Yippee! More rooting around with a sharp stick). The chemo port will also get placed at this time. Then some healing time. And then MORE TESTS (echocardiogram...already checked off; PET scan; CT scan. Sounds like more fun in scary tubes of death and more paperwork). And then chemo starts on the 13th. 

Bad news: Because I'm so cool, I get 20 weeks of chemo. A regimen that sounds like its designed to kill me. 8 weeks of every other week dosage, then 12 weeks of every week. Then 4 weeks of rest before radiation 5 days/week for weeks and weeks. A cursory glance at the calendar puts this treatment into SUMMER VACATION. 

Good news: Doc has designed the schedule so that I'll "feel good" for Christmas and "like crap" for New Years. Actually, I'm not sure if this is good news. Hmmmm...this might actually make me feel just good enough to be really pissed about not being in Hawaii.

And now to wait for the results of the final surgery. At some point the bad news trend has to stop, right???

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