Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Biggest Loser in Reverse

The weight gain continues...Friday's scale reckoning saw a 3 pound weight gain in the last week. THREE POUNDS in seven days. That's what some Biggest Loser contestants LOSE in a week. Add that to the 5-6 pounds that I've gained since Christmas and that's NINE pounds gained in 8 weeks. 

So tired of hearing that it's because I'm not active...or my system is all messed up...once I start exercising it will get better. NOT TRUE! I have been getting out walking this week (and saw a three pound increase in spite of it). I drink more water than any person I know. And I don't actually eat all the "bad" things I used to because they don't taste good anymore. There is clearly something else going on here.

But no one takes me seriously when I complain that none of my clothes fit. My concerns are dismissed because I "look healthy." Here's the thing though, if I was any normal person with concerns about gaining 3 pounds in a week, my doctor probably would take me seriously. That's quite a bit of weight for someone my size to put on in a week...it would take a LOT of effort to do it.

I am convinced that the steroids I am given play a huge (ha, ha) roll in this. If there is one more week of weight gain, I might go postal on someone...stay tuned...

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