Thursday, February 28, 2013


Someday I will go back and update this blog to include all the details that I leave out...sometimes to protect the guilty :)

Let's just say that this is a week where I am constantly reminded of the need to breathe. 

Deep breath in...

Deep breath out...


And I hope that the teenager pulls it together.

I am going to start looking into yoga.

And massage.

And definitely a vacation.


  1. My daughter Caitlin is a student of yours and she says you rock!! When you find the energy to dance to the music you love, and if you feel like you'd have fun incorporating your need for breathing, and yoga, and massage, and relaxation, and fun, all into the same hour, I have just the place for you. I am in no way affiliated to this place or to Pauline herself, but she has changed my life, and reading your stories here makes me think that she could be good for you, too. Take a peek at Moving to heal dot net, and if you want to show up at Danceworks in Redmond on Tue/Thur/or Sat at 9.30am and tell her that Debbie sent you (I'll probably be there, too!) any time, even if it's not til months from now, the offer stays open, you could spend an hour with us for free, as my guest, and dance a little of the magic of Pauline. My daughter thinks you are the best librarian ever, we're all cheering for you here! xx

    1. Thank you Debbie!! I will take you up on your some point :) I still don't have the energy that I'd like to on most days, but it does sound wonderful. I appreciate all the support. And I think Caitlin is pretty awesome, too!