Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Evolution of Hair

Last night was buzz cut night in the Yusko household. I think the key was when the hair was falling into the fettuccine while I was cooking. Time to get rid of the little that was left. Well, sort of. While Keith stepped up to the challenge and razored his right off (matching my dad, who beat us all to the punch and did it this past weekend), I simply buzzed mine super short. To me, the razor is just a little too scary on my poor defenseless scalp. As you can see below though, I've got enough bald spots to qualify. I'm just going to let the rest fall out as it will this week.

Before I start posting pictures of me in the crazy wigs, I thought I would post some pictures I'm calling "The Evolution of Hair"...at least, my hair:
(1) When it was long and curly (I blame the kids for this curl, by the way. It was never this curly until after I had kids...grrr. I should also blame them for the gray hair, too...which you won't see in any of these pictures thanks to the wonders of haircolor). Never as long or as beautiful as I wanted it though.

(2) In April of this year, I went short. Now, somewhere in between these two, I had it longer and straight, but I can't seem to find any picture where I wasn't wearing it up in a clip. 

(3) After Thanksgiving, I chopped it short so that I wouldn't have to deal with clumps of longer hair falling out.

(4) New Year's Eve, what I lovingly refer to as the "Les Mis Look." Or a refugee..

(5) January 7, 2013: The cancer patient buzz...or GI Jane, as we like to call it. Let me just say that IT'S COLD AND WET outside, and WOW! does this hair style (if you can call it that) make your head feel it!

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  1. Shauna,
    You look STUNNING! Like Sinead O'Connor! I wanted the long, red, curly "Brave" look for my hair, too. Although, Brave hadn't come out yet, so I was channeling Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. I've got the curls with the grow back, Mother Nature is having a good laugh about the color, however. I can't wait to see your wigs, but you look great just like that.
    Take care, girl!
    Cheryl Peterson