Saturday, July 20, 2013

Help a Kid Out!

I have had the honor and pleasure of walking in the 3Day twice (both times with my amazing friend Laurie!). Good God, did we have fun (although I'm not sure I would've classified it as "fun" while I was doing it...especially the year that it POURED rain on us). I would not trade the experience of walking in this event for anything, and someday, I hope to be able to do it again, as I now have a completely different perspective on it.

Almost immediately after I was diagnosed, my dear friend Deb decided that she was going to walk in this year's 3Day for me. And then, immediately after she decided to do that, her 16 year old son (a former student of mine), decided to join her. AWESOME! I love them both dearly for their commitment to the cause, and for their support of me. I hope that I can get out on the course and CHEER THEM ON in September! Please join me!

Here's the thing: in order to be able to walk in the 3Day, you have to raise $2,300. (Now, regardless what you might think about the recent politics of the Komen Foundation, this money does do good things. I wish that more of it went to research, but that's a discussion for another day). Having raised this money twice, I know that it's not easy to do, especially in this economy. I think one year, I went right down to the deadline before meeting the goal. Deb hit the $2,300 goal some time ago, but Nolan has not. When you are 16, not a lot of your friends have the kind of money, or the desire, to donate to your cause. Amazingly, he is a little over halfway there. And I think that we can put him over the top! If you have ever considered supporting a walker in the 3Day, this is your guy! (Thanks to those of you that already have, BTW). I donated my $25, and every little bit helps...even a few dollars.

I'm including his Facebook status the other day so you can see what kind of kid this is. Plus some pics: (1) me with him and his mom, and (2) the mohawk that he will sporting for the walk (which will, of course, be dyed pink). And please note, this kid just gave up participating in a music concert which he had been practicing for because he just found out it falls on the same weekend as the 3Day.

"Friends and family, This September I am taking part in the Susan G. Komen 3-day 60 mile walk for the cure. When I attended Evergreen Junior High school as a student, the librarian there eventually became a family friend of mine. Recently, (in 2012) she was diagnosed with breast cancer leaving her fighting but inspiring me. She is the reason I am walking in the 3-day. In order to walk I need to raise $2300; with your help I will be able to walk for her and the cure. 
Thank you in advance for your support of my 3-day journey,

Love him as much as I do? Here's the link to donate to his efforts.

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