Friday, March 8, 2013

What Week Was This?

One of the hardest things about chemo is that you have to get up and get ready every week knowing what you are in for: a long day of BORING, being poked and prodded, and then all the icky side effects that are headed your way in the days to come. Weeks start to blend together and all look alike. 

Today is another chemo day, but I'm not really sure which one this is as I'm sitting in this chair. Blame it on chemo brain, blame it on the fact that I am completely over this whole process. I think this is week 13? Yeah, let's run with that..."Lucky 13" it is!

It's actually not a bad day, all things considered. 

(1) The view from the window is sunny (though with some encouragement from a friend I am going to start figuring out how to be outside in the sun while getting chemo. I think it might involve some kind of superhero battery backpack as the IV set-up requires electrical...or a REALLY long extension cord). 

(2) Keith is on his way back here with my lunch. I really should be a paid Subway endorser because that's all I eat.

(3) I actually LOST THREE POUNDS this week. See several of my previous posts for my issues with that. Now I have proof that it was the steroids. Yeah for week 2 without them!

Now, if only the port would cooperate and give up blood for the labs so we could get this process started, the day would be complete. This is the third week in a row that they've had issues with the port, so I fear what this means for future weeks. But, we'll think about that another time.

And I clearly might have to write a post about how to behave if you are a visitor in the hospital since there is a VERY ANNOYING GUY talking LOUDLY on his cell phone outside my infusion room. I appreciate that he moved away from his friend/family member's "room" when taking his "very important call." However, he moved right outside MY room (which, keep in mind, doesn't have a door) to talk...for a long time...and I have headphones on and can still hear him. I am considering running him over with my IV stand. Bad. Hospital. Etiquette. Monumentally Bad!

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